Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ah.. football..

Let's just get one thing straight.  When there is a football game, high school or college, this little town shuts down and everyone is at the stadium.  We are very serious about our sports around here..  So it's only natural to take our 6 week 6 day old baby to her first game, right?

As you can see.. she is very ready!

.. or is she.. ?

As you can see, Zoe was more interested in Daddy than the game.. so were all the other college girls.. ;)

I honestly think she sleeps best when it's noisy.  Our jumping up and down and screaming our heads off didn't phase her.

Here's an idea of what our games are like.  See how the hill is covered with parked vehicles?  People pay years in advanced for spots up there during the season.  No joke.

Go Lights!!

She showed some interest near the end..
Look at those legs!  Tee hee!

Zoe caught on fast and realized that going to football games means food.  Just like us craving brats and a Coke, she was craving *nummies.  Kid catches on fast, huh?  Can't wait for the next game!


  1. Great photos!! Melissa H

  2. Leaving you love, for sure, your baby doll is adorable, loved your post about is she ready...or maybe not, funny!

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