Thursday, July 29, 2010

The life of Zoe- so far

Our daughter is already 4 days old but it seems like she's been with us forever.  We've had our good days and bad, but even during the "bad days" she is our perfect little angel.

Ever since the beginning Zoe has had tummy troubles and breast feeding has been.. interesting.  By yesterday she was so awful that Mom called an old friend and she brought to our attention that it may be my diet that is hurting her.  So we cut out the salads, dairy, most caffeine, and am drinking lots and lots of water.  Almost immediately we saw improvement and Zoe is feeling much better.

Last night she only woke up a couple times to eat and she immediately would fall back asleep when finished.  It was Paul's and my best night of sleep so far!  And everyone else in the house, I'm sure.

I am so thankful my family are here to enjoy this with us!  God knew, more than I did, how much we needed them.  They have been amazing at helping with things around the house, dinner, laundry, etc.  Even Grandma Bunny has been amazing!  She has been on the go-go-go just like the rest of us.  I don't know what I'm going to do when they leave.  Just thinking about it makes me emotional.

It's amazing to see the difference in Paul and I since Zoe has been born.  You become a completely different person as soon as your child is birthed!  I can't tell you what exactly changes, but something does..

If you don't hear from me as much, know that I am the happiest girl in the world learning how to take care of the most beautiful baby girl in the world!  Life is amazingly good!


  1. I am so happy for you! I could not have any caffeine for the first few months. Then as Ty was older I could have a little in the morning but none past 4. Also dairy was a no no the whole time. You will learn what you can and can not have. I thought after birth I was free to eat whavever. Boy was I wrong. But I would not have changed it for the world. The bond you will make is like none other. And only you will have that with her. Can't say it enough enjoy each minute.

  2. Miss your posts!!! I'm glad your so happy!!!!


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