Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bed Rest Betty

Paul caught "the bug" yesterday and he came straight home after work to start on Zoe's new floor.

Here is my husband, his cousin, and his cousin's girlfriend washing down the crib- making sure it's "sterile" before she arrives!

Here is her bedding all washed and ready..

Now we'll see when she actually uses it!

Paul is getting more and more anxious.  If it was up to him, his daughter would have been born yesterday.  He constantly rubs my belly and talks to her.. secretly coaxing her out with bribes.  We'll see who she listens to- Mom.. or Dad..

I have been known as Bed Rest Betty for the past week and 2 days since being on this bed rest.  It's kind of catchy, not gonna lie!  One way of finding humor in this situation really.

I am now 36 weeks along.  My doctor said the other day that she's guessing Zoe is about 5 lbs right now, but I know I can't count on that.  She's getting big enough to where there isn't as much room for her to be active.  She still finds a way, sometimes, but not as much as she used to.

I guess we'll see how this day goes..

Another day full of "resting" or "labor day."  Only time will tell I guess!


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