Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome Home!

The weather this past week has been insane! We got the keys on Tuesday and it was raining/snowing and we had 50 mph wind gusts. Go figure. The next morning it was plain blizzard-like weather so I figured there was not going to be any moving anytime soon. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Paul- with the help of Daniel and Kirby- moved almost everything into our new house!

When I got off work I met Kirby and Nancy at the apartment and we cleaned the place from top to bottom. We got it pretty much done in two hours. I returned my keys today and so hopefully we'll get our deposit back soon!

I love our new house! It's the perfect starter home- but I was slightly overwhelmed, though, because I knew there was so much work to be done. Unpacking everything, paint, you know the drill.

Well, Nancy picked me up from work today and dropped me off by my house. I invited her in while I went to change, and when I opened the door I was amazed to see that almost everything was unpacked! I felt my jaw drop..

Come to find out, Nancy, Noelle, and Daniel had spent most of the day at my house while I was at work and unpacked my house. They said they wanted to do something for Paul and I since we're both working so much and I'm pregnant which means not carrying anything heavy. It was such a great relief.. Now I need to find some way to pay them back. They deserve something amazing!

Oh, and by the way, doing laundry whenever I want- and not having to pay or lug it all over to someone's house is super, super nice.. :)

Thank you Jesus for your wonderful blessings! Paul and I are so, so happy. :)

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