Saturday, April 10, 2010

You are now free to move constantly

It seems like ever since Paul has felt his baby move that the baby has decided he/she is welcome to move all the time now. Yesterday was my monthly doctor's appointment and we got to hear his/her heartbeat. There's something about that doppler.. every time she uses it the baby goes crazy and kicks at it like crazy! Maybe I should go ahead and get one for myself.

I can already tell this baby will be like me. :) He/she can get very jealous, and I don't think he/she likes it when the cat is on my lap, or the laptop. He/she wants all of my attention.

Like I said, the baby moves all the time now, and the kicks are getting stronger- which takes my breath away at times. It's crazy..

Lately I have had different dreams of how I'd go into labor- one of them being from sneezing too hard! It has kind of made me realize that it won't be long now. On Wednesday I'll be 6 months. Good grief! I'm thankful time has gone by so fast- for the most part. I just hope it continues..

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