Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stressed spelled backwards is..

I couldn't wait for this day to be over. It was so stressful that when I went home I just sat on my bed and cried. I just needed to let it out to feel better. That didn't totally help me though- so on to the next thing..

Dairy Queen Blizzard.

I need one. Now. I know it will help me feel better. That and a hug.

I am so anxious to start daycare in my home. Our realtor said that May 5 is our new closing date and he sounded pretty confident this time. Only time will tell though. Either way, I am starting daycare as soon as I walk in the door! I am so sick of feeling over worked and under appreciated.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Earth Day. :)


  1. Speaking from experience. There are times you will still feel over worked and under appreciated having a daycare in your home. At least you'll be able to work from home, I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.
    Love you Gracie.
    Aunt Marcy

  2. Thanks Aunt Marcy. I'm sure you are right- but all I need is to bake a cake or something simple and life is back to being wonderful- right? :)


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