Monday, March 1, 2010

Where to begin?

This past weekend was so much fun for Paul and I.. We ran away to Billings to celebrate 2 years of marriage. Thanks to we got a great room at the Crowne Plaza- they had a Starbucks in the lobby. :) I love my husband! He knows exactly what I want/need! We spent our Saturday and Sunday shopping and spending hours at the mall, going to museums, driving around downtown and visiting the zoo. Oh, and the food we ate was amazing. Can’t forget that little detail.

We had such a fun and relaxing time! It felt so good to just get away with just my Paul and have access to do whatever we want.

When we got home Sunday night Paul grabbed his guitar and sang a song that he wrote just for me. It was so amazingly special and good that I cried. I couldn’t help it. Unfortunately I can’t blame those tears on whacked out hormones. I know I would cry even if I wasn’t pregnant. I cannot express the love and amazing feeling I felt for my Paul! He’s such an amazing man and husband. He already has more tunes in his head and waiting for God to give him the words.. not songs for me, but just songs.. :)

There will be pictures of our weekend soon.. but the camera is in the car and I’m home (sick as a dog) so we’ll have to wait till Paul gets home.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I’m heading to bed for a bit..

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  1. looked up the hotel online- beautiful! anniversaries are so special, each year gets better, doesn't it? each day you love him more..

    glad that it was all you dreamed of.


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