Monday, March 22, 2010

Just like catching a football- right?

I think I have Paul convinced to catch his baby during the delivery. He is really nervous about it, but I think it would be amazing for Paul to be the very first one in the whole world- even before me- to hold HIS baby. That would be such an amazing experience.

His biggest fear is that he’d drop his baby, since it’s definitely NOT like catching a football, but I’m sure our doctor would teach him the correct way- guaranteeing no dropping.

I want Paul to have a special bond with his baby. I know I will with the breastfeeding, changing diapers, being home 24/7, etc. So I want Paul to have something special that I won’t experience. I think this would be perfect.


  1. I hope he does it!!! It will be an amazing experience for him.

  2. I know it would be! I just hope he doesn't chicken out. Don't let him- since I will be a little preoccupied. :D


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