Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Here is a picture of the house we are in the process of buying. Isn’t it cute? As soon as this home is in our name we will immediately start working on making it OUR own. The outside will be painted a different color- it’s a surprise! The bushes will be gone, eventually there will be a little white picket fence..

The rooms are going to all be different from each other. We’re trying to use different colors and different styles of painting on the wall- but they all will compliment each other. It may seem hard, but I think we have it all figured out..

The backyard is already fenced and ready to go! The only renditions we will do back there is get rid of the junky sheds. Eventually I would love to have outdoor furniture and a grill. We may spend more time outdoors than inside!

It’s going to be great. I’m excited that our daydreams are turning into a reality!


  1. Don't over do it... Do it in time. Start on the nursery :-)

    If you can grow Bleeding Hearts there... Plant one for me.

  2. If I can grow bleeding hearts I will definitely do it! Also, there in the front window is a place where you can have potted plants- I planned on planting tulips.


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