Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are you on light duty YET?!?!

To answer your question: yes- and no. I still have the busy load of a housekeeper, but thankfully I have someone working by my side most of my shift- to do the strenuous bending, lifting, etc.
My next doctor's appointment is on the 9th and I'll let her know how I feel. Even though having someone work with me is a MAJOR help- I can hardly walk by the end of the day. I'm even starting to feel a pinching nerve in my lower back/tailbone area. Yeah, I could tough it out and still be a housekeeper till the day of my delivery- but why? Shouldn't I be as comfortable as I can during this time? Call me spoiled.. ;)
Plus I have people everyday asking me why I'm not on light duty and harrassing me. It's getting old. Ha!

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