Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is what I think..

So far, this is what I have observed about pregnancy. Please give me your feedback! I love hearing what other people think.

Morning sickness only in the first trimester is a lie. You either have morning sickness, and touches of it all 9 months, or you’re lucky enough to not have it at all. If you’re the one that gets stuck with the morning sickness, don’t count on it only hanging around the first 3 months. There’s a nice possibility you’ll still puke over smells or accidentally swallowing hair or brushing your teeth when you’re farther along. I know. From experience.

Also, the wonders-if-she-had-one-too-many-doughnuts stage is worse (for me) than the morning sickness. Paul says that the baby bump finally looks like a baby bump. No more guessing for anyone! I already have noticed eyes wandering down to the extended torso. Though the bump is small.. we have a noticeable bump. :)

Then there’s the flutters.. Ah, the flutters! Though they’re still light and it’s few and far between, when I do feel them I can’t help but get excited! I already have a feeling that we have a kick boxer on our hands.. just because when I do feel it, it feels like he’s really going at it! Or she. :) I have to remind myself that it will probably be weeks before feeling actual movement all the time, so I pray that these little flutters here and there are good enough for awhile.

Because of working in a slightly dangerous atmosphere for a pregnant woman, I try and be safe by not picking up too heavy of things or having someone else use hazardous chemicals, etc. But.. I’m not an invalid. There are a lot of things that I can still do by myself. I am thankful though. I work with a lot of people, men and women, which care about my baby’s and my safety on the job force. I just want to make sure I don’t “use” their niceness too much. I don’t want it to wear off. :)

Even though there are some things that I don’t love in this pregnancy (throwing up) I still love being pregnant. It amazes me that right now, inside of me, there is a little human being that already has a soul that is growing inside of me- that Paul and I made! It makes me very, very happy. Even Paul is excited- though he can’t help but think about the financial issues of having a baby. I choose to not think too much about it and just pray that God keeps His hand on His children. No one can afford a baby, so we’re just like everyone else. That helps me too. :D


  1. ok feed back for ya, just for fun.
    Thankfully I was one blessed chick and I did not throw up one time when pregnant, however I do know plenty of women that do stop after the first trimester. And some don't. Feel bad for those moms
    The "too many donuts stage" was a very funny analogy. I am gald you feel like your past that stage :O)
    The flutters are fun and they will hold you but I could NOT wait to feel the first KICK. And I so wanted Sam to feel it as well. It makes it more real somehow to the man when HE feels it. I mean they know it is real but when they feel is like "wow"
    I had a hard time letting ppl lift stuff for me , but it is all about the baby and keeping he/she safe.
    By the way are you guys gonna be surprised or find out what your having? just curious. YOU have a baby coming. YOU are going to be mom. crazy huh? how's that for feed back. I really did enjoy being pregnant, weird I know, but being a mom is even better... can't wait to see your little one.

  2. During my first pregnancy I had "morning sickness" ALL day long every day. Some days I literally threw up every fifteen minutes. This continued until my second trimester when I decided to stop taking my prenatal vitamins because I thought they might be contributing to the nausea. The day I stopped taking those ... I stopped throwing up.

    This is my third pregnancy and I haven't thrown up during my pregnancies since then. I don't take vitamins -- I eat vitamins. :) And I've never noticed a negative difference in my pregnancies other than the sickness. :)

    Just a thought, not a recommendation! :)

  3. I was one of those that had morning sickness throughout the entire pregnancy...but no matter how sick I was...I would have gone through it again to be able to hold another precious little one in my arms. Now...I have two grown miracles who are now having their own children and it is still such a wonderful feeling to hold our precious little one in my arms. Cherish every moment of this great adventure!

  4. Ya'll are going to hate this ~I'm ducking now~ I never had morning sickness with either baby. BUT...I did have a slipped disk during my second pregnancy.

    Dustin would practically beat me up kicking all the time (he does Taekwondo now :) but would stop kicking the second Mike would try to feel. Alaena would always kick Mike when he hugged me. She always did like to come between us. Ha!

  5. Ok...You want to hear the voice of much experience? :-) When I was pregnant with you I had about two weeks of morning sickness...Eating crackers first thing in the morning helped. Second pregnancy (not Jacob) I was pretty sick with a lot of heart burn. With Jacob I was the sickest... He was a little pain! Some things never change :-) I would start feeling sick around noon and it would get worse as the day wore on. By the time I went to bed I was so sick it would be hard to rest... And I had to defend myself in the night, with Dad's weird dreams :-/ Of course Philip was the easiest shortest pregnancy EVER! Considering I had no period because I was nursing and I had no pregnancy symptoms until the day he kicked me... SURPRISE! With Sara it was ok, once I got over the shock of being pregnant AGAIN! I didn't have much nausea except during labor... That might be due to the huge plate of HOT nachos I ate in the beginning stages of labor. Megan and Tommy... Not really sick with them either... I guess I was pretty lucky... Blessed.

    About letting people help you? LET THEM HELP!!! Take advantage of whatever help you can get because one day you're all on your own. Don't feel guilty!!!!!!

  6. Love the 7 pregnancy comment. It makes me miss you Sis.Shuler.

  7. I'm lovin' all the feedback! :D Thanks a lot ladies!

  8. i'm late on the feedback thing. sorry.

    with both girls, lots of nausea all day, every day. i threw up a few times but mostly it was just nausea. i started feeling normal again around my 4th month and never had anymore nausea the rest of my pregnancy. :)

    i noticed that any time i would take prenatal vitamins with iron in them, i would throw up so i started chewing children's vitamins. :)


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