Monday, February 15, 2010

One of those women..

Though I never did actually throw up, I did quite a bit of dry heaving at work. Everything was making my stomach churn. Wednesday I’ll be 16 weeks (4 months) and I’m still battling the morning sickness. Though it’s not as extreme as in the beginning, it’s still there. Am I going to be one of those women who is still throwing up at 9 months? I pray that I’m not! You can only throw up and continue to smile for so long, you know?

If I pay attention and if I’m lucky, I’ll feel light flutters during the day. Not all the time, yet, but here and there. Its great fun and I look forward to feeling more! Although Dr. Lien says I’ll love his/her activeness when I’m farther along and there’s not much room left. I’m sure it’ll be great. :)

If you haven’t read my post about Valentine’s Day, make sure you read it. We had great fun!

Well, I need to find something to do.. I’m tired of sitting on the computer. Have a wonderful night!


  1. So you're having TWINS???

  2. or does the 1 boy + 1 girl mean ... um, the marriage bed equals a baby?

  3. Your second comment is more on target. ;)

    Though my husband would LOVE for us to be having twins, the ultrasound only shows one in there. Maybe next time!!


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