Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let me enjoy my sick day!

No work for me today. I called in letting them know there was no way I was going in feeling the way I do. My supervisor did call me this morning asking what my symptoms were. Not sure why, but I had a list for her. Good grief.. can I have a little peace on my sick day??

All I’ve done is relax today. I’ve sat on my duff all day and have either read my book or surfed the net. I do feel a nap coming on though.. I will most likely be taking one.

I called my doctor this morning asking what remedies I could take since I knew herbal teas are out of the question- they make you go into labor no matter how far along you are, did you know that? Pretty much she said, for how I was feeling, to take Tylenol for the fevers and body aches. It has controlled them, I can tell! I’m trying to drink lots of fluids as well. And resting.. lots of resting.

Though I feel like junk, it does feel good to rest. I feel like I haven’t had time like this in.. forever! I’ll enjoy it- even though my husband is no where around today. Sigh. One of these days he’ll be done with school forever. Thank you Jesus!

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