Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think the sun is shining!

First off, I am now 17 weeks! Our baby is about 5 inches long and most likely weighs 5 ounces. So far I have gained a total of 4 lbs. during this pregnancy. Unfortunately I already have more stretch marks than I wanted to deal with- my skin obviously has NO elasticity in it.

So far this week has been pretty stressful on me. Monday was awful, Tuesday was long, boring and stressful, but today.. today I’m hoping it will all be better. :) I got to sleep in and wake up when I wanted to, I threw open the curtains to a shining sun (too bad it’s still freezing out there), and I actually have SOME motivation to clean my house! Especially make some changes in the bedroom- so I can see what a bassinet beside my bed looks like. :)

God is so good to His children though. Ever since Sunday I have had moments where I’ll just whisper a prayer that God will touch my heart, change my attitude, and He immediately calms the storm within me.

I’m sure my hormones are already high, but it seems like there’s a lot going on in my life right now- with my job especially. Though I come home feeling defeated or worthless, all I have to do is call on my God and He comforts me and gives me renewing peace. God is good to His children- even the pregnant, psycho ones. ;)

I better get started on things before this sudden motivation is gone! Have a wonderful hump day!


  1. One thing I have learned throughout all of my pregnancies is that hormones really are CRAZY! At this point I've learned to deal with them a little better. A little. :) God's grace really, really helps.

    And the stretch marks ... yeah ... the mark of a woman in love. :) the mark of a woman who has become a beautiful momma. This world focuses too much on "perfection." But to God ... those marks are perfection. They help me to remember, every time I look at them, that life isn't about me and looks and feeling good about myself ... it's about others.

    Hang in there! You're getting there! I'm feeling VERY pregnant right now (26 weeks) and can't wait for this one to be done cooking. :)

    Can't wait to read your birth story too. It'll come SO fast and you'll be like me ... wondering how on earth you have a three-year-old!

  2. You're adorable Grace! I'm so glad things are going smoothly!


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