Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In my previous post I had mentioned how some herbal teas can cause pregnant women to go into labor. Well.. I googled. :) This is all that I found.

Is it safe to drink herbal teas while I'm pregnant?

Many pregnant women carefully avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and unnecessary medications but think nothing of drinking cup after cup of herbal tea. If this sounds like you, take heed: Herbal teas can be harmful, especially if you drink too much of them. Most of the ingredients in herbal teas are safe, but many are not. Herbs are drugs and thus can be as potent as some medications. What's more, only a few of the herbs used for teas have been studied in pregnant women.

How can I tell which herbal teas are safe to drink during pregnancy?

Although no U.S. regulations specifically address herbal teas, most of the herbs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers safe for food use are presumed safe for teas as well. For example, teas made from ginger, lime blossom, peppermint, roasted barley, rose hips, and thyme are probably safe to drink occasionally in small amounts while you're pregnant or nursing. However, drinking excessive amounts of any teas can cause health problems for you and your developing baby.

So.. have you heard anything different? If so, let me know. I’m interested in what people think.

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  1. i'm not a big tea drinker, other than lipton sweet tea, so this hasn't been a real issue for me.

    what my doc said about herbal teas is that it's the combination of herbs that can be most dangerous. some herbs react to the pregnancy hormones, which is different for each woman. if you're taking medicine, especially prenatal vitamins, the herbs can counteract some of those very vitamins baby needs. also, if someone drinks a bunch of different types of teas, then the combination of herbs can have adverse effects.

    most of the teas in the sampler packs are okay for occasional use, it's the all-natural teas that have a higher concentration of herbs that can be potentially dangerous....

    :/ but you're right.. i'd rather be safe than sorry.. go water and juice!


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