Friday, February 5, 2010

Coughing, sore throat, emotional breakdown

This cold has totally knocked me off my feet. Each morning I wake up hoping to feel better- even if it’s by a tiny bit. But so far I wake up each morning worse that before. I have been stuck in bed or on a couch since Wednesday and I have had enough.

A lot of people told me to try Vicks on the bottoms of my feet and wear socks to bed since it is supposed to help with your cough. Normally I thought you put Vicks on your chest, but I figured I’d try it out. I wasn’t sure how well it worked. I didn’t start coughing till 6 in the morning. So the next night I tried it on my chest instead. Bad idea.

Last night all I did was cough. I felt bad for Paul so I took my pillow and my “sick blanket” to the couch and propped my head hoping it would help the cough. Nothing helped. I coughed all night and got no sleep. Every time I’d cough I would get more and more stressed out, praying that God would heal my body because I HAVE to go to work. 7:00 a.m. rolled around and I just broke down.

I was exhausted, my throat was raw from coughing, I couldn’t breathe.. I just had had enough. Paul must have heard me crying because he called me back to bed. I pretty much flung myself on him and bawled like.. well, to him- an emotional, sick, pregnant woman.

I cried and cried telling him I needed to go to work but they wouldn’t want me there around the patients and how I felt awful for missing so many days of work and just wished that I would get better since I can’t even do my own laundry or make my own hot cup of tea.. I think you get the idea.

I’m so thankful I have a husband that, even though my emotional wreck is funny, he has the decency to make sure I calm down and feel better before he laughs and calls me a baby when I get sick. Thanks Paul. :)

The good news is that my breakdown caused me to cough even harder and I was able to cough up a lot of phlegm. That’s a start. I can only hope we’re on our way to better days.

Continue to pray for the sick baby. She needs it! I’ll continue to sleep, drink orange juice, hot teas, and.. be a baby. :)

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  1. I know...aren't ya sick of being sick!! Plus, you feel even worse cuz you have to call in to work. Which I'm sure they understand. If they don't. Your still covered by The Family Medical Leave Act. Just rest. Being preganat is exhausting with out being sick on top of it.

    This will pass.....really. Love you!! Praying.


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