Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talk about life changing!

Going into the doctor’s office made me feel a little uneasy this morning. The last time we were in there was for not-so-good news. But as soon as Dr. Lien walked in the door she was bubbly and friendly. She told me to lie down because she was going “fishing.” Immediately she found the baby’s heartbeat, and boy was it strong! It made all of us breathe a sigh with relief.

I looked over to see my husband, and I wish I had a camera to capture the look I saw on his face. But even with a camera I don’t think it would capture it.. I don’t even know how to describe it! The best way would be to say love at first sight.. or hearing. :) His face shone with such joy and love.

She made a phone call and set up an ultrasound for us in the afternoon. So we went to lunch, I filled my bladder with plenty of liquids, and we went to the hospital to see our baby.

Paul and I were able to see our baby’s heart beating and see his arms and legs flailing all over the place! It was so amazing! Paul and I were so relieved to see movement. He’s a very active baby! I know I’m going to love that later on in this pregnancy- and when he’s a toddler. :)

Talk about a good day.. I’m so thankful for all the good we saw today. I thank the Lord for keeping His hand on us so far.

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  1. very exciting. I am so glad everything is going so well. I read your post on being a the post and am very thankful I can relate. I can't wait until Jeremiah runs to me and says momma I love YOU!!! And Momma will you put a band-aid on that, momma will you make me a sandwich. I love being a mom. I am so excited you will experiance all that real soon.


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