Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still amazed. :)

It still amazes me that there is a little one in there that is moving all over the place, and I don't feel a thing. How crazy is that?! I'm so thankful God gave us another opportunity to have a baby. He/she will be loved dearly.

Dr. Lien prescribed Flinstones vitamins for me to take instead of prenatels. :D Love that! Hopefully they won't make me feel as sick..

She said she could also prescribe something for my nausea but I said no thanks. Even though I feel miserable because I'm sick all the time, it makes me feel good because it means there's a baby in there. Being sick is worth it to me! As long as it doesn't last the whole pregnancy. ;)

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend! I know I will- it's my weekend off. :) So I have a lot of cleaning and planning to do. No more procrastinating!

P.S. The baby is the size of a fig! ;)

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  1. i took children's vitamins too! :) the iron in the prenatal vitamins always made me soooooooo sick.


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