Monday, December 14, 2009

Returning Christmas trees

About two weeks ago Paul and I bought a real tree from Walmart. I was super excited to start decorating my tree! Unfortunately I never got a chance to decorate it before we headed to Arizona. We made sure someone would check on it every once in awhile in case it needed watered.

When we got home the tree was completely dried out. The stand was still full of water, and Daniel said that he came over once to check on it and it never absorbed the water. We also found out that Kirby's and Nancy's tree did the same thing.

I wasn't about to decorate a dead tree, so Nancy and I returned the trees and got store credit for them. I guess I'll have to improvise this year.. I wish my house was decorated already. Good grief! I guess we'll decorate on Christmas Eve- again. Ugh..

Here are some pictures. We started driving and immediately the tree fell off the car. Haha!

I already miss my family! I can't wait to see them in August..

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  1. Looking forward to going there in the summer. I wouldn't enjoy it right now... Unless I spent the whole time in front of the heater or fireplace. We will be ready to escape the heat in August.

    Funny pictures about the tree.


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