Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back into the swing of things

Wow! I have not posted in My fans are starting to go away! I have been keeping really busy so far this summer and I'm LOVING it! Paul, the kids, and I went down to Mountain View, AR last week. We were gone a total of 10 days and it felt amazing! I loved having Paul all to myself and him not working. 

I will post pictures later, but while we were down there, we kept busy riding horses, meeting tons of new people, played music for many hours, we went on hay rides, went to parties, had Sara's graduation...we did not have any down time and it didn't bother me at all! I definitely wished I could be on vacation forever! No work, no bills, nothing was so heavenly. 

Every single one of us had such a wonderful time. It was very hard to say goodbye. I hope to see everyone again soon --- and I know plenty that would love for us to stay permanently! ;-) Saying goodbye to family is a very hard part of growing up. 

Since being home life has seemed a lot more's weird! It's been a little rough getting back into our old routine and for some reason my motivation has left me... ;-) I actually had to take time out of writing this post to put together a To Do List for myself for tomorrow. So I should be all set! 

Check back later for pictures!


  1. Don't leave us now! :) We have a PA coming! We need you guys :)

  2. I heard about the PA! :) Cool~
    Hi Gracie, hoping to see you in July! Jane, Alex & I are coming.
    So glad you had 10 whole days in AR! Nice~


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