Tuesday, April 16, 2013

100 Toddler Challenge: Hide-N-Seek

The night before I left for Ladies Retreat Zoe and I played Hide-N-Seek.  It was so much fun playing with her!  Paul had to help her with hiding places since she went to the same place every.single.time and this hiding spot made us both laugh so hard.  I love playing this game with her!  Max hasn't quite figured out what we're doing, but that doesn't stop him from laughing and having a good time anyways!
Hide-N-Seek is the perfect game to play when you're stuck indoors --- like today.  It is too cold and snowy to play outside so I know after nap time we will play more Hide-N-Seek and most likely play peek-a-boo with Titus since that is our next game to check off of our list!  So much fun!
Oh, and as for Ladies Retreat...I'll post about it later!


  1. Sounds like a blast Grace!:) enjoy~

  2. That's hilarious! SOOOOOO cute! Becki spent many an hour playing Hide-and-Seek with Rusty. HA! Of course, Rusty never did the hiding. ;-) My house has LOTS of great places for Hide-and-Seek. Come for a visit so I can play with Zoe!

  3. Grandma is not kidding about the many places to hide in her house, but "MONSTROSITY HIDE AND SEEK" has been named an official name. 3 different floors to hide on, and plenty of corners and places to hide. I used to play hide and seek with Charlie Dog, and Katie Farr always used to play with us. It was tons and tons of fun!!! I can not wait to meet the kids. It seems as if I will never see them though. And don't you complain about being stuck in the house because of snow. When that happened to us in NM, Dad was gone on a long trip, and we were super close to being out of milk and bread. IT WAS THE MOST GLORIOUS TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!! By the way, God worked a miracle, and some way or another, we got food. :-)


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