Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I hate animals

Especially lying groundhogs!
Source: bing.com via raina on Pinterest
The past couple days we have had snow.  It comes down like we're going to have a blizzard and then by the end of the day some of it melts away.  Snow is always beautiful when it gracefully falls to the ground.  It sometimes looks like little fairies are gracefully flying in the wind.
But I'm over you, fairies!  I'm over you, snow!  Can we please have warmer weather now?
This morning I wore a sweater and drank hot coffee while doing my devotions.  It may sound nice, but I'd rather be sipping sweet tea and listening to the birds chirping because I have my windows and doors open.
I texted Paul this morning and we were daydreaming about a beach...white sand...the sound of the roaring ocean...the heat of the sun on your back...  Sounds heavenly, right?  Well...don't look out your window because it shatters your dreams like a rock does a stained glass window.
Ok that may be a little dramatic...but you get my point. ;)
I know that one day (soon!) Spring will be here.  The time will finally come when we can plant our little gardens, get our yards whipped into shape, plant flowers, play outside, go on walks, play at the park, etc.  God is just teaching some of us patience.  Thanks, Lord.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. As you know I love Winter. This one as been a beautiful one!!
    And I too am ready for Spring. Can you believe it...? ;) I love living where we have ALL 4 seasons. :)

  2. Well, the beach thing sounds pretty good to me! I am such an odd-ball~ Summer is my favorite season. But when spring really starts to arrive I am way excited - because I know it will be at least 6 more months B4 the 'cool down'!:) Have a great week end Grace~Karen


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