Thursday, December 13, 2012

30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me: #1

20 Random Facts About Myself
  1. I do not like being pregnant. Being sick for 9 months (more like 3 years for me!) and the back problems I have made it not fun. All three of my babies are worth it, but being pregnant stinks! Haha!
  2. Before I got married I was very OCD about my room. Everything was organized, color coordinated, put in alphabetical order, etc. It has taken me 5 years to somewhat get my groove back and I still am nowhere close to being as organized as I used to be when I was single. Don't ask me what happened.
  3. I (obviously) love coffee. I got my first drink from either Grandma Babe or Aunt B when I was 2. I honestly still remember them slipping my spoonfuls when your Grandma Shu wasn't looking and thinking it was the yummiest drink ever. It was fate. =)
  4. I FREAK OUT if I get a sliver or paper cut. I can be in labor med-free for 12 hours but if I get a sliver I feel like I'm going to die. Your Dad calls me a spazz. I know I am. But I can't help it!
  5. I am easily stressed out when it comes to movies. It doesn't matter if I'm watching a simple kid cartoon, chick flick, suspense.. I get serious anxiety when things don't go right for people in movies!
  6. I do not like being barefoot. Ever. Even in the summer when it's over 100 degrees outside I'm wearing flip flops or TOMS. By the way, I hope you know what TOMS are when you grow up. They're only the best shoe on the planet. Anyways, I am terrified of stepping on nails or any other pointy object. Therefore, I wear shoes.
  7. Ever heard of the yucky band KISS? Ever seen the long tongue? I have that. It's gross but really cool.
  8. Sometimes I'm embarrassed by my laugh. It's a little loud. But for the most part it makes me laugh all the harder.
  9. I love being short. I may be the butt of some jokes here and there, but I think it's hilarious.
  10. I'm allergic to cinnamon oil. It makes my tongue swell and cuts it up really bad. It's gross.
  11. I secretly wish I was a professional dancer!
  12. I love bubbles! I wanted a bubble machine at my wedding but I was talked out of it by someone.. I can't remember who..
  13. I can't whistle to save my life.
  14. I hate the wind. It stresses me out.
  15. I have the worst time using scissors. I have never owned a pair of left-handed scissors so I have never learned how to properly cut paper!
  16. When I was around 15 I started to learn how to play the fiddle. I eventually gave up because I was insecure and thought I would never be good enough. I really regret quitting!
  17. When I was younger I never planned on getting married or having children. For some reason I had it in my mind that I would go to school to be a doctor and live in an apartment with my Doberman. When I think about that now I tear up.. I am so thankful that God blessed me with the complete opposite!
  18. I absolutely love reading and learning about the human body! I am amazed by God's greatest creation and all of the wonderful things we can do, how we can heal ourselves, etc. It's awesome!
  19. If you ask your Grandma Shu she would say I am morbid because I also love murder mysteries. I am interested in watching crime shows and trying to figure out what happened to some poor victim. That is why BONES is my favorite TV show and has been since it's first day airing which was about 8 years ago I believe.
  20. Paul is the only man I have ever been attracted to. Other guys were interested in me growing up but I knew immediately they were not for me. You can call me a snob if you want, but I knew what I wanted -- and most importantly what I DIDN'T want -- which is why your Dad is the only one I have ever loved. I thank God everyday that I was able to marry my best friend!

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