Friday, November 23, 2012

I have a problem..

I need help in deciding what kind of wreath to make for Christmas this year!  What is your favorite of these pictures?
Christmas framed skates
Santa Tulle Wreath
Framed Christmas ornaments
Toilet paper roll wreath
(I'm serious!)
Peppermint candy wreath
Source: via Grace on Pinterest
Wreath of Christmas balls


  1. I LOVE the first one! Soooooo cute. The peppermint wreath is cute, too... until it rains or snows and they get wet and the red dye oozes and drips all over the place. ;-)

  2. I like the framed ornaments or the peppermint candy wreath. I hadn't thought of the oozing possibility, though. You could spray the wreath with spray varish to seal it.

  3. Framed ornaments! Definitely avoid the peppermint unless you want bugs and animals all over your door!!

  4. I love the framed skates and the framed ornaments. The peppermints are cute too, but Becki brings up a valid point.

    Have fun with whichever one you choose. :-)


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