Monday, August 9, 2010

Love is a battlefield

I know my hormones are still out of whack.  I blame them for this post.

Since Zoe has been born I feel like I have been a walking time bomb.

I smell the coffee brewing in the morning and I start crying because I love the smell.

I look into my daughter's eyes and start crying because I'm so happy- but they can eventually turn into sad tears as I realize my little girl is growing up in front of my eyes and then one day she'll be married and having her own kid and she won't be my baby anymore.

I think about my family and I start bawling!  I wish so much that they lived closer so they could be around Zoe everyday like Paul's parents.  Sometimes life isn't fair, huh?!  But I'm so thankful for the time they were able to spend with her.

There's a storm coming over the town right now as I type and I feel a little choked up.. why?  Who knows.

Ahh.. hormones..

Ok, it may not be that extreme.. but pretty close. :)

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