Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another newbie

Sure I've gotten Charlie horses while walking up and down stairs, but in the middle of the night? That's a new one! Last night I woke up to a terrible cramp in my leg! It was bad enough I yelled out loud. Poor Paul, he's never going to get any sleep around me. Thankfully I immediately remembered the right way to stretch my calves and it helped almost right away.
First pregnancies are always fun. You never know what's around the corner!


  1. oh boy those hurt !!! I've had them sense I was a little girl though mine were causes by a lack of potassium and they always were worse if I got the slightest bit dehydrated. Yummy bananas and h2o :-)

  2. Those are the worst. I had them the whole time I was pregnant. I woke Derek up everytime and he would have to stretch and rub them out. Because I was in to much pain to do it myself. Drinking water helps.

  3. I get them! Oh, they hurt so bad!


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