Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleeping all weekend has its perks!

It was our first weekend off together in a long time. What did we do? Sleep. Almost the whole weekend we slept in ridiculously late. I’ve never done that before, but BOY did it feel good! I think it’s exactly what Paul and I needed. Even people at work today said I was more bright eyed and perky. That’s a first. ;)

My first doctor’s appointment is next week! I’m really excited. I’m also excited about my first ultrasound- whenever that may be. We have the new 3D/4D machines so we’ll get to see what our baby looks like before he/she is born! Very exciting.. yet kinda freaky. :)

We’ll also find out if I’m farther along than I thought or if I’m having twins.. there’s gotta be something going on for me to have a stinking stretch mark already!

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  1. well consider yourself healthy...ha. I had my first stretch mark when I was prob 12...and thats obviously w/out a baby. SOOOO...go you! you got a good excuse!


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