Sunday, November 22, 2009

Date interrupted.

Well.. the date night didn’t work out very well. Long story short- we went out with the whole fam as well as the Kauffman family and then took a couple boys home to stay the night with us. But that’s ok! We’ll get that date in soon. We have to! We have more gifts to purchase.

So we had TJ and Gabe sleep over last night. We stayed up till about midnight and watched all of the Garfield holiday specials- Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It was great! I laughed hard, but even harder listening to the kids laugh. They loved it- so much so that we’re watching them all again before waffles. :)

I’ll take pictures of the church today! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Candy, candy, candy!!! I'm so glad you found those DVD's. Those are great cartoons.

  2. Good ole TJ and Gabe, how fun. I am sad for you the date is post-poned, but for a good had company. That is always lots of fun.


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