Thursday, March 28, 2013

Challenge #2: Blow Bubbles

Challenge #2: Blowing Bubbles
When Zoe found out we were going to be blowing bubbles yesterday she was so excited!  She jumped up and down clapping her hands and even sang a song about it!  Haha!  I wish I would have been able to record her singing because now I don't remember how it goes.  She always making up songs expressing herself, though.
We got her princess wand and headed to the backyard to play with our bubbles and Hurley.  Hurley loves playing outside with the kids, and surprisingly enough, they loved playing with him too!  I think they're finally getting over his size and realizing he just loves to play.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get much more than these three pictures.  I had planned on taking video too, but I was holding Titus the whole time because I couldn't find any strollers, baby packs, etc to put him in, and I was chasing them around as well as Hurley we go.  At least I got these three, right?
We had a lot of fun, though!  The kids loved playing outside and would have played out there longer, but Titus had to ruin the fun and get hungry.  I promised them we would play again soon! 
Any mommas blow bubbles with their kids yesterday?
Today's challenge: Hide-n-Seek.


  1. OMW! Oh my word that looks like fun!!~~

  2. There are these long, narrow bubble tube things now that require no effort to blow, but just catch the wind and make one giant bubble. I enjoyed playing with those when I was working Pre-K. So easy.


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